Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Granny's Meatballs

Oh yes, here it is, the holy grail of recipes. And I'm sharing it with you. These meatballs are swoonworthy, drool inducing, crave causing little pockets of wonder. Try them for yourself.

First, heat some marinara sauce in a large pot on the stove.

1. Put equal parts ground beef, pork and veal in the biggest bowl you can find. I suggest using 1 lb of each for about 30 meatballs.

2. Smash two bags of store bought seasoned stuffing (in the bags) with a mallet. (Okay, I will admit, Granny did not use stuffing. She used day old bread. But my day old bread meatballs never taste as good as hers, so I've twisted the recipe a bit.) Pour them over the meat.

3. Add one egg per lb of meat.

4. Chop a bunch of fresh parsley and add it. I mean the whole bunch. Parsley is the secret fresh zing in these meatballs.

5. Add about a half a cup of shredded parmesan cheese.

6. Chop eight garlic cloves. Toss 'em in.

7. Finely chop one onion. Throw it in the mix.

8. Add salt, pepper and dried Italian seasonings.

9. Moosh it all together with your hands. Then form the mixture into balls.

10. Heat oil in a pan on medium high on the stove top and brown meatballs.

11. Plop them in the sauce.
12. Let them cook about an hour and a half.
13. Enjoy!

How is this recipe different from how you make meatballs?
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  1. You are so after my Italian heart. Thankx for the recipe!

  2. How delicious! My grandma also made the best meatballs!

  3. Suzanne, These meatballs look so tasty!!

  4. This sounds so much like my grams recipe (she used day old bread too). I wish I had a fork so I could have a bite right from the screen, it looks so good. Thank you for adding your tasty recipe to Simply Delicious Sunday.

  5. I have tasted these meatballs from the gods! I mean Suzie. They are terrific and my friends love them too!

  6. Thank you for sharing your Wonderful recipe. I can't wait to try it out.

  7. Great. Aren't grandmas the best? Mine both made fabulous meatballs too.

  8. I've been meaning to try Frank Zappa's meatball recipe... but I think I trust yours more!

  9. Those look like humungous meatballs. Can I send Rick over to your house? I think he'd like it there.

  10. Awesome recipe! The only thing I do differently is I use prob a cup of cheese. Also I soak old bread in milk then squish out the milk and throw it in. I also do that for meatloaf. Now I'm starving... thanks Suzaaaane!

  11. we've eaten dinner already tonight or I'd be on my way to the store for the ingredients. But tomorrow is another day! Will try! Looks and sounds delicious! TY so much for sharing your recipe!

  12. I often add a 1/2 cup of water to the pan when I'm "browning" my meatballs - helps with the sticking and keeps the little suckers from getting burnt at the start.

  13. Recipe sounds fabulous...AG