Sunday, March 8, 2009

Granny's (Super Cheap and Yummy) Chili

All right. You should know by the "Granny" that this one will be good. I catered a party last night and all the guests were gushing about how good the chili was. I giggled to myself knowing that it was ridiculously cheap and easy to make. Let's do the math:

3 lbs ground beef = $11.77
2 28 oz cans red kidney beans = $3.78
2 28 oz cans organic diced tomatoes = $5.78
Total to feed 20 people chili = $21.33

I already had the garlic, onion, olive oil and spices. If you don't have them, it could cost you a few dollars more, but seriously, 20-something bucks is nothing to kickstart a fiesta.

So here's what you do:

1. Cover the bottom of a heavy bottomed pot with olive oil. Heat it at medium.

2. Dice an onion. Toss it in.

3. After onion softens a bit, add three chopped garlic cloves. Let them soften, but be careful that they don't brown.

4. Meanwhile, in another pan, brown your ground beef on high.

5. When it's browned, toss it in with the veggies.

6. Add your diced tomatoes.

7. Slip a couple bay leaves in the mix. Then add cayenne pepper, paprika, chili powder and cumin to taste. If you like extra spice, spike it with some tobasco.

8. Cover it and simmer on low for about an hour.

9. Drain the beans and add them to the chili.

10. Simmer for another 20 minutes or so.

11. Serve and enjoy your guests "Mmming" like crazy.

What do you serve at parties that gives you huge "Mmms" for minimal cost?



  1. Suzanne this sounds yummy. I understand about 'granny's recipes' since most of my favorite recipes no matter how I've tweeked them started as gram's recipe. Thank you for joining us with your scrumptious addition at Simply Delicious Sunday.

  2. That chili looks really tasty. I agree that family recipes, especially those from days gone by are the best.

  3. Mmmm -- looks good! I make chili in the crock-pot and like to use ground sirloin when I can. I haven't made that in a long time. Today I'm making a potato-bacon soup in my crock-pot.

    Your chili looks really good!

  4. This is also a favorite at home! My husband loves it very spicy :)

    We Ate This!

  5. I love it when my guests go "mmmmm", especially if I can do it on the cheap.

  6. Every year before Burning Man, I make a big vat of chili, pour it into Ziploc bags and freeze them. Then we bring them up there in a cooler. The chili stays frozen all week as long as you pack the bags in ice. Lemme tell you, there's nothing better than homemade chili on the 7th day of Burning Man. We even served it at our wedding!

  7. Well thanks, a compliment on the recipe sounds better from someone cooking themselves.

  8. Hmmm it looked so good..yummy.

  9. MMMMM! And I made 150 spinach balls for appy's for a coktail party. Maybe $7??? All gone!