Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crunchy Organic Carrots

Look what I picked today! The first carrots of the season. Straight from the garden. Organic, delicious and made by me.

Growing your own veggies is great for a lot of reasons:

1. It's a fantastic way to save money. The package of carrot seeds I grew these from cost $1.99. They will keep me crunching carrots for the next two months.

2. You know where your food comes from. When I plant my own veggies, I know that they're grown in organic soil, fed organic fertilizer and that they're not sprayed with pesticides. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I'm not eating all kinds of scary chemicals. I'm eating pure, organic carrots.

3. It's so much fun! When you plant your own food you get to watch it grow. Every morning something new pops up. Vines grow a little longer, zucchinis get bigger, tomatoes get redder. It's amazing to watch the metamorphosis.

4. It's easy. All you need are some seeds, organic soil and sunlight. If you don't have a big backyard, you can plant veggies in pots. On my deck, potted parsley is scattered amongst gerbers, rose topiaries, aloe and mandevillas. People probably think they're just plants, but they're food!

So why not give green gardening a try?



  1. love it!!! This post makes me smile...can't wait for our ground to be unfrozen :D

  2. MMMMMMMM....carrots fresh from the garden,::how lovely!! My father has a large vegetable & fruit garden & he keeps me happy:)!!!

  3. Your carrots look great!
    No planting here until end of may! But I have my plans for my vegie garden "growing" in my head. Every year I try to palnt different things along wit hthe winners from last year. I still have lots of tomatoes, zuchs and meals prepared from last years garden in the freezer. Need to eat them up soon!!!

  4. Nice carrots! My herb garden got devoured by bugs last summer. My mom gave me a tip: grow them in pots and keep them above the ground and the bugs can't get to them. She also suggested planting tomatoes and then planting chives around them -- bugs don't like chives so that'll keep them away!

  5. Yes, Patty! There are lots of ways to scare off bugs with plants. Also plant garlic and onions. But be careful what you plant them next to. Google "companion planting" for great tips on which veggies grow best together.

  6. Bugs aren't my problem -- it's BEARS! I'd love to plant a vegetable garden this spring, but we have a lot of bears roaming around. Deer & moose too. I guess my best bet is a greenhouse ...