Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joey's Favorite Salsa

Looking for a dip with a twist? A chunky salsa with a kick? Try Joey's Favorite Salsa. It's soooo easy, delicious and good for you too.

1. Rinse one can of black beans and dump them in a bowl.

2. Add one can (same size) of diced tomatoes to bowl. If you have Rotel tomatoes in your area, use those. Rotel are canned tomatoes with lime juice and chilis.

3. Add one can corn. If you have fresh corn, just slice the kernels off the cob. They're super sweet and deliciously fresh.

4. Chop half a red onion and add it to the mix.

5. Mince two garlic cloves and blend them in.

6. Dice a jalapeno, add it to the pool.

7. Chop a handful of cilantro and add it for a fresh zing.

8. Squeeze one lime over the bowl.

9. Add salt and pepper and mix up the creation.

Scoop up some of this fabulous salsa on a tortilla chip and enjoy the fresh zesty spicy kick!

What's in your favorite salsa?



  1. Yuumie, inded! That salad looks great!

  2. I think my Sam might eat that! It looks delicious!

    I'm very glad to find your blog, Suzie. Thanks for your hilarious comment. (I'm still trying to figure that language out!)
    It's great to meet you.

  3. Looks great! I do something similar, except I grill my corn in basil butter first. Yum!

  4. Looks great, Suz! Try it with diced jicama and a dash of cumin as good!